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Mrs Cruickshank

My sons have enjoyed learning to swim at Flippers. It is a very friendly school and gets the best out of the children.

Mrs Snell

All my children learnt to swim at Flippers Swim School. I thought for a while my youngest would never get the hang of it, but Matthew is now excelling. This is a lovely, friendly swim school - your children will be well taught here.

Mr Jones

I have enrolled both my children in Flippers Swim School and I am impressed how Flippers have developed them into confident swimmers.

Mrs Crawley

My son and daughter started swimming with Flippers at the age of 5. They couldn't swim a single stroke. They are now extremely accomplished swimmers and has worked their way through the levels to complete her Gold standard.  I wouldn't want any other swim school to teach my children. If you want your learn to swim and enjoy it at the same time then Flippers is the place to do it!

Mrs Vijender

My daughter has been going to swim lessons for a couple of years with Flippers Swim School. What I really like is that each child gets a lot of swim time and personal instruction to help them develop. Also, they run fun sessions at end of terms so the kids get to know their coaches and have a good laugh in the water with them. All swim instructors and helpers are friendly and professional and positive with the kids. It's fun but disciplined, no time wasting. Very happy.

Mr Khan

My children's favourite activity of the week is to attend their swimming lessons at Flippers Swim School. I never thought I would see them progress so quickly but Charlotte and the team are amazing! Would definitely recommend!

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